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Shenfield Cricket Club

Established 1921

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(The ECB accredited Premier League of Essex)

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Club Safeguarding Committee

The role of the Safeguarding Committee is to safeguard the young people at Shenfield Cricket Club.

Safeguarding Children at Shenfield Cricket Club

Shenfield Cricket Club has adopted the England Cricket Board's (ECB) Safe Hands - Cricket's Policy for Safeguarding Children. A full copy of this document is available at the main bar or can be accessed in two parts at the ECB's website:

The Principle strand of the Safe Hands safeguarding policy is the provision of robust processes and reporting procedures for concerns. In response, Shenfield Cricket club:

  • has produced its own Safeguarding policy in which we state our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all young cricketers
  • appointed a Trained Welfare Officer - to lead the Club Welfare and Safeguarding Committee.
  • has robust processes and reporting procedures to ensure appropriate action is taken as a concern is raised. Should you have any concerns regarding the safety / welfare of children playing cricket at Shenfield Cricket Club, please contact the Club Safeguarding Officer: Mairéad Pryor - Mobile: 07961 707324

Our Safeguarding Officer and assistants have obtained three specific qualifications, a current CRB check / attended a Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop/ attended a Time to Listen or ECB Safe Hands C.W.O. Workshop.

Responding to, Recording and Reporting Concerns

All members of the safeguarding committee, colts committee and individual team managers/ coaches are aware of the essential three actions required when a concern is raised.

  • Responding to disclosure, suspicions and/or allegations
  • Recording the incident
  • Reporting the incident

Full details can be found in section 3 of the ECB Safe Hands Policy

There may be a number of reasons for which you may find it necessary to raise a concern. These include:

  • in response to something a child has said
  • in response to signs or suspicions of abuse
  • in response to allegations made against a member of staff or volunteer
  • in response made about a parent, carer or someone not working in sport
  • in response to bullying
  • in response to a breach of code of conduct or poor practice
  • observation of inappropriate behaviour

(This list is not exhaustive)

The Committee:

Role Name Mobile No. E-mail
Club Safeguarding Officer Mairéad Pryor 07961 707324
Senior Liaison Officer David Castell 07921 941197
Junior Liaison Officer Lisa Griffin 07958 900286

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss joining the Safeguarding committee Please contact Mairéad Pryor.

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Safeguarding Reporting Structure

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