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Shenfield Cricket Club

Established 1921

Members of the Hamro Foundation Essex League

(The ECB accredited Premier League of Essex)

Affiliated to the Club Cricket Conference

2005 Ground Renovation

Season 2005 should see a vast difference, particularly for the bowlers run-up to the crease, as the whole square has been korrowed and re-seeded with all saddles and high and low areas levelled.

The work was carried out during the week commencing 13th September 2004 by Norman Hollingsworth with his KORO FIELD TOPMAKER machine.

The machine was invented in Holland by the Koro company and is revolutionising the sports turf industry. The machine effectively grinds the surface back to soil, like planing wood, throwing it via a conveyor belt into a trailer.

The actual contract was for the following:
* To koro the square, remove the saddles and level the area.
* To scarify in two directions to key in new top dressing.
* To supply Ongar Loam top dressing and spread on the square.
* To grade to finish level.
* To supply and sow top quality seed from the STR1 list supply and spread pre-seed fertiliser.

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