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2005 News

10th December 2005
Website Milestone
The website has now had 10,000 visitors.
28th November 2005
1977 and 1978 Reviews
On the Articles menu there are now excerpts from reviews of the 1977 and 1978 seasons, written by Tom Gray in his usual amusing style. Albert Chapman's widow recently found the original documents and kindly sent them to Roy Storey.
5th November 2005
1976 Photos
There are some additional photos from 1976 in the 1921-1990 Gallery. These were brought over by Ian & Janine George who recently paid their first visit to the UK for 28 years. Ian, from Australia, was introduced to the club by Peter Wright and played for Shenfield during the mid-seventies. Time has been very kind to Ian & Janine, but not to the photos! However, those of a certain age will still, no doubt, recognise the players.
2nd November 2005
New Photos
Photos of Colts' Day and the October Dinner & Dance are now in the 2005 Gallery.
13th September 2005
The 2005 Season batting and bowling averages for all three League sides are now available, as a Word document.
4th September 2005
League Positions
The League tables published today indicate that all three sides are free from the danger of relegation.
3rd September 2005
Oliver Ekers
Congratulations to Oliver Ekers who, aged just 13, achieved a magnificent 116 runs for the 3rd XI against Ilford.
29th August 2005
Shenfield Success
Shenfield won the Jack Leiper Trophy at the Woodford Wells 6s competition. The team consisted of Robert Wickes as Captain, plus Ryan Lugg, Tom Austin, Jon Walter, Matt Weaver, Jon Doel and Andre Maddocks. After successfully negotiating the group stage against Old Parks, a Woodford Wells Australian 6, Old Forresters and Woodford Wells Colts we overcame Woodford Green in the semi-final and the mighty Wanstead in the final to put our name on the trophy.
5th July 2005
President's Day
The 2005 Gallery now contains pictures of President's Day.
18th June 2005
Another New Record Wicket Stand
Today's match against Fives & Heronians saw a 2nd wicket partnership of 282 by R Tappin and M Weaver. This beat the previous record of 275 by S Paulsen and M Humphreys in 2003.
29th May 2005
New Record Wicket Stand
Shenfield beat Ilford to go through to the 2nd round of the Evening Standard Trophy. In this high-scoring match the 3rd wicket partnership of 200 by D Hazle and J Walter beat the previous record of 175 by P Bird and G Cunningham in 1995. This partnership of 200 is just 2 runs short of the Evening Standard's all-time 3rd wicket stand record of 202.

The match aggregate of 654 runs beats the existing all-time record of 627 runs between High Wycombe and Teddington in 2002.
19th May 2005
The Match Results page now contains links, for all three League teams, to the full scorecards on Play-Cricket. It is quite a long process to get the scorecards onto the Play-Cricket site, but they will usually be available for viewing within 24 hours of the match. Please be aware that for new players' names to be featured on the scorecards we have to apply online for League registration and this process can take a few days to complete. If we are not advised of new players well before a match, those players are likely to appear on the scorecard as "Unsure", this being the only alternative. We will endeavour to go back and enter the names for late registrations, so that the relevant players' statistics are accurate, but cannot guarantee to do this because after a few days the results get locked and are unavailable for editing.
17th April 2005
Alf West
Photos of Alf West's Retirement Luncheon are now in the 2005 Gallery.
9th April 2005
Dates of Photos Still Uncertain!
Some photos have been removed from the 1991-2003 Gallery and placed in the 1921-1990 Gallery. The pack the photos were in was labelled President's Day 1996 so that's why they were placed for that year in the Gallery. Later, they were thought to be from 1994 because of a certain person's waistline. Now, because another person couldn't possibly have looked that young in 1994, they are thought to have been taken in 1990 and, apparently, not at a President's Day match! These photos will not be moved, re-labelled, re-named and re-linked again unless incontrovertible proof of the correct year is provided by an accredited anorak!
21st February 2005
"New" Photos
Additional photos have been placed in the 1991-2003 Gallery.
20th February 2005
Dates of Photos Uncertain!
In the 1991-2003 Gallery, the 1996 President's Day pictures are now shown as being from 1994. This change is in response to scientific evidence concerning a certain person's waistline! It's even possible they were taken in 1993. If you can be certain of the year, please let us know.
12th February 2005
Old Photos Enhanced
Some of the old club photos on display in the pavilion were in a very poor state. On learning of this, Phil Robins (former Shenfield player, now living in Adelaide) suggested that the photos be re-photographed before they got any worse. He put us in touch with Richard Burch of R2Digital, via Brentwood Photographic Club, and Richard has worked on 17 of the worst pictures and produced prints which are a considerable improvement on the originals. These will shortly be framed and hung in the pavilion. The new images have been scanned and put on this website in place of the originals. Some are remarkably different; others may not appear so very different because they had previously been digitally enhanced. We are most grateful to Phil for his useful suggestion, also for his significant contribution towards the cost.
6th February 2005
Dinner and Dance
Some pictures of the Dinner and Dance are now in the 2005 Gallery.
23rd January 2005
New Website Design
The site has been re-designed to have what we hope is a more professional appearance. If you spot any errors, or broken links, please let us know. The domain name (website address) has also changed. This is because the registration of the old one is expiring soon, and rather than renew it, we felt we may as well go for a simpler one. We are also using a new webhost, because our existing one does not allow sufficient storage space for our needs. The work on images is not yet complete. Some previously unpublished photos have been found and some better quality versions of ones already on the site have become available but there has not yet been time to include these. There will be a notice on this page, probably in two to three weeks time, when the galleries are considered complete. There are two photos dated 1952, taken on the day of Vince Callender's last match for Shenfield. We have reason to believe the photos must actually have been taken several years later. Take a look, and if you know the correct year please let us know. The Hit Counter has been started at the number of hits recorded on the old site up to 22nd January. The old site will continue to be available until the middle of April, but will not be updated.

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