Our President, from 1978 until 2008, John Burrows

John passed away peacefully on 15th June 2008, leaving son, Roger, daughter, Nicola and five grandchildren, two of those being Shenfield players - Phil and James Prior. He will leave a huge gap, not only in their lives, but in the lives of all his cricket and golfing friends, as well as those of a non-sporting persuasion.

He had been plagued with health problems for some years, but was never heard to complain. He just got on with life as best he could and had a smile for everyone.

John was a member of Shenfield Cricket club for more than 50 years. He wasn't just a member - he was totally involved in the club, as was his beloved wife, Greta, who sadly died in 2003.

He was 1st XI Captain from 1967 - 1969, Chairman from 1971 - 1978 and President from 1979 until he died.

John was a true gentleman- always immaculately turned out, unfailingly polite and with a genuine interest in anyone and everyone involved with the club.

A light-hearted paragraph from Tom Gray's review of the 1978 season actually sums up John quite well. Here's what it says:

And so to our leader, Chairman John Burrows, who retains his cool on all occasions, which is surprising when considering all he has to put up with. For whether it is being dragged out on a frozen winter's morning to examine a break in, being pressured by the local constabulary to close the bar on pavilion lettings, to slag off the entire board of Courage Breweries, or to convince Alf that it must be someone else's duty to empty the chemical toilets when he is entertaining the captain of Essex in his city suit, John retains an air of unruffled calm and reflects the pensive character of a Condor smoker. Long may he reign!

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